Welcome to Briason Associates

Briason Associates, a clinical training group specializing in clinical behavioral support, training and enhanced work performance for caregivers and employees at all levels of the workforce. 

Briason works closely with organizations to  create a culture of productivity and assist in setting structured goals through strategic planning and hands on assistance.

Briason's team works closely with families to provide guidance and structure in supporting the needs of children in the home through structured behavior management techniques and supports. 

Briason Associates' eLearning system is a web-based training platform that complements industry leading systems to produce an interactive learning system that facilitates comprehension, retention and application to service delivery for employees. 

Brass eLearning System

The Brass eLearning System is developed and tested by clinical and research professionals to ensure its ability to capture the employee's attention and impact long term retention.  The Brass system provides an impactful learning experience while delivering and tracking learning in one place to support organizations' auditing and reporting systems. 

Strategic Planning

Briason Associates work in collaboration with organizations to develop a comprehensive strategic management/ quality improvement training plan with measurable goals and outcomes catered to each organizations' personalized needs. 

Our Services

Briason Associates' qualified clinicians implement a person centered approach to service delivery for our clientele.   

Clinical Behavior Supports

Briason provide behavior intervention services and oversight to individuals with cognitive impairment, autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities to enhance the support provided by caregivers/employees that support them.  

Organizational Training

Briason provides a blended learning system for all learners whether in a classroom, home, organization or virtual learning setting.  Courses are researched and delivered in a one step system that allows for both successful delivery and tracking of training curriculums and measurable outcomes.  

Strategic Planning

Briason's Organizational Psychologist leads the Strategic Planning team to apply psychological principles to managing administrative structure, development and training, and assist with policy planning, and perform organizational analysis to enhance the quality of service through an established Strategic Quality Enhancement plan.

Parent Skills Training

Briason's clinical team of professionals provide training and skill development along with coaching to parents and caregivers of individuals with cognitive impairment, intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health disorders.  


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