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Empowering Excellence in Training, Development, and Clinical Services

Welcome to Briason Associates' team of clinical and administrative professionals, where excellence meets empowerment. At Briason, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier training, comprehensive development programs, and cutting-edge clinical services. With a commitment to fostering growth and innovation, we strive to make a lasting impact on individuals and organizations alike.

Introducing our Leader...

Sonji Phillips, PhD

Introducing Dr. Sonji Phillips, an esteemed Industrial and Organizational Psychologist with over 25 years of invaluable experience in the non-profit sector. As the CEO of Briason Associates, a leading organization specializing in training, development, and clinical services, Dr. Phillips brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. With a focus on enhancing workplace dynamics, leadership development, and fostering positive organizational cultures, she is recognized for her profound understanding of human behavior within diverse work settings. Dr. Phillips' extensive expertise and dedication to social impact have positioned her as a highly sought-after consultant and speaker in both clinical and organizational psychology. Her strategic planning, clinical services, workforce development initiatives, and executive coaching play a pivotal role in building resilient and impactful organizations.

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Oversight Advisory Committee at Briason Associates  

Welcome to the Oversight Advisory Committee (OAC) at Briason Associates, where a diverse team of seasoned professionals with strong clinical backgrounds ensures compliance and quality across all aspects of our work. With meticulous reviews and strategic planning, the OAC maintains our commitment to excellence while driving continuous improvement. Leveraging research-backed strategies, the committee enhances our programs and plays a key role in maintaining accreditation standards. At Briason Associates, the OAC is a driving force behind empowering communities and reinforcing our mission to be a trusted partner in community development.

Meet our Team...

Ilia Karanadze
Associate - Training

Ilia Karanadze brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the Associate overseeing the Training Program at Briason Associates. With a passion for education and a commitment to excellence, Ilia has played a pivotal role in shaping our training initiatives. Drawing on his extensive background in instructional design and program management, he ensures that our training programs are not only comprehensive but also highly effective. Ilia's leadership fosters a culture of continuous learning and development, empowering our team to deliver impactful training solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. With his dedication to excellence and a keen focus on innovation, Ilia plays an instrumental role in driving the success of Briason Associates' Training Program.

Michelle Cait
Associate - Parenting Program 

Meet Michelle Cait, our dedicated Parenting Program Supervisor at Briason Associates. With a passion for empowering parents and families, Michelle brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a focus on providing support, guidance, and resources, Michelle is committed to helping parents navigate the joys and challenges of raising children. With a background in psychology and counseling, Michelle's compassionate approach and extensive knowledge make her a valuable asset to our team. As the Parenting Program Supervisor, she oversees the development and implementation of our parenting programs, ensuring that each family receives the support they need to thrive.

Kuwonna Ingram, MSW
Associate - B2B

Ku'Wonna Ingram brings over two decades of experience in providing comprehensive support and services to individuals and families in need. With a deep commitment to social services and education, she has held various roles ranging from Director to Education Coordinator in settings such as alternative education centers, mental health clinics, and community service boards. Ms. Ingram oversaw the day-to-day operations of behaviorally challenged youth programs, ensuring compliance with state and federal mandates while providing social services to at-risk youth. Ms. Ingram's expertise extends to clinical services, assessment coordination, and team facilitation. She has worked as an Adult Assessment Specialist, providing clinical services to special needs adults, and as a Team Facilitator at West Central Georgia Regional Hospital, where she facilitated multidisciplinary team processes and developed individual recovery plans. With a passion for helping others and a wealth of knowledge in social services, Ku'Wonna is dedicated to making a positive impact in her community and beyond.

Cristian Ramos
Educational Technology Manager

Cristian Ramos serves as the Educational Technology Manager at Briason Associates, where he adeptly manages the Brass eLearning System.

With a wealth of experience in overseeing learning management systems, Cristian ensures the seamless delivery of educational content while optimizing user experiences.

His background in education and technology, coupled with a passion for facilitating learning, demo

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