Brass eLearning System

The Brass eLearning system is an asset to organizations as Brass saves users  time and money over traditional learning techniques. Learning content can be accessed anywhere and anytime and eLearning is consistent, scalable and personalized.  


We love who we work with...

Creating beautiful family relationships (Parenting Skills), developing curriculum based tools (IDD organizations), establishing active treatment opportunities for our adult (IDD organizations), and children (Clinical behavioral supports) with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Parenting Skills Training

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding purposes anyone can serve, but parents know that every day doesn't feel rewarding, there will be some difficult days. Some particularly hard days may be during periods of exhaustion from the weight of the crown of parenthood, "heavy is the head that wears the crown", others can be from the impact of dealing with behaviors.  When dealing with difficult days, parents may forget the joys of parenthood.  Briason's team of professional clinicians provide skill building, training and hands on support for parents in managing difficult behaviors to help parents increase the rewarding days.  

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